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Flooring board

Flooring board is the main element for laying the floor. At production only natural materials from a high-quality tree with a smooth surface are used.The advantages of flooring boards in its environmental friendliness, strength and durability. As a rule, such material is made of solid wood, therefor..

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Lining pine

Lining pine decorative material of wood. Differs in the increased wear resistance due to pitches. Such a plating has a positive effect on the indoor climate and creates an atmosphere of comfort.The advantage of the pine lining is ease and ease of use. Suitable for quick trimming of walls, floor..

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Oak doors

Oak doors are, above all, a presentable look and good sound insulation. Install both input and interior in private homes and apartments. It is practical to install in children's bedrooms, on the balconies.Distinctive features of the oak doors durability and versatility. This design is less susceptib..

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Oak parquet

Oak parquet is a classic that remains the trend. High-quality material has a low thermal conductivity and sound insulation. Does not swell at high humidity.A distinctive feature of the oak parquet is its durability. It is easy to process, therefore, suitable for translating design ideas.How to buy t..

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Pine block of house

Pine block of house  is material for creation and embodiment of designer decisions in eco-style. Durable enough on a structure, maintaining influence of outward factors. Promotes additional gidroizolation and to maintenance of heat.Pine block of  house  is a variety of ..

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Pine board edge

Pine board edge is used in building for different aims. It is used at making of sex, plinths, door and window opening.In the pine board by a  edge much the special composition that does air clean. Such material well yields to treatment. Found the application in the cargo transportation, from he..

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The squared beam is a pine 6000-4000х200-50х100-50

The squared beam is a pine 6000-4000х200-50х100-50 the highly sought material in different spheres and at implementation of different works. It is often used on building business and at making of furniture. In the quality squared beam pine 6000-4000х200-50х100-50 there are not defects, therefore ..

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Wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is not only fashionable and stylish, but also eco-friendly. When used, the tree does not emit harmful substances and hypoallergenic.The advantages of the wooden furniture is not only natural beauty, but also good quality and practicality, and a long service life. Fits perfectly..

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