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Barley the 1st class

Barley the 1st class is intended for  the use for  food aims, and also as a green and technical crop. Mostly from the cleaned grains get a pearl-barley for the use in food. Grains of barley of the 1st class excellent feed for horse, pigs, birds. In industry used mainly fo..

6,345.00 грн.

Barley the 2nd class

Barley of the 2nd  class is used for a spirit production of drinks of high quality.Mill in made of fine-ground barley and pearl groats. Barley corns the 2nd classes contain small amount of gluten, therefore very rarely used for baking of bread. Easily mastered by an organism. Feature..

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Barley the 3rd class

Barley the 3rd  class is a very useful, one-year grassy plant. Befits for preparation of the concentrated forage for agricultural animals. From grains of the barley of 3rd classes can be prepared at once a few dishes are to dinner. Prepare pearl-barley soup, made of fine-ground barley c..

6,345.00 грн.

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