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Milled peat (pH-3.6-4.0) in bulk (1 m3)

Milled peat (pH-3.6-4.0) in bulk (1 m3) is a substance formed as a result of decomposition under the condition of limited access of oxygen.  Often formed in swampy areas. In the composition of the milled peat (pH-3.6-4.0) in bulk (1 m3) there are plant fibers that help maintain the correct w..

460.00 грн.

Compo universal peat mix, 20l

Universal Compo peat mixture, 20l - perfect for indoor plants.  The peculiarity of the mixture is that it can be used for transplantation during the period of active flowering.  Why it is worth to buy Compo universal peat mix, 20 l?  • incorporates many useful substances (iron, co..

137.00 грн.

Lowland peat, 2.5l (Gilea)

Peat lowland 2.5l Gilea is used to improve absolutely any soil.  It is most often used by representatives of the agricultural industry, and all because it has many advantages.  Why is it worth buying lowland peat 2.5l Gilea?  suitable for all soils, from sand to clay;  i..

11.80 грн.

Lowland peat, 5l (Gilea)

Peat lowland "Gilea" 5l is perfect for fertilizing any kind of soil.  It is the election of many farmers because of its simplicity and ease of use.  If you want to improve the soil, then you need to buy lowland peat "Gilea" 5l because:  • the mixture is optimal for all types of so..

18.90 грн.

Milled peat in bags (70 L)

Milled peat in bags (70 L) - garden peat is designed to create soil mixtures for various purposes.  Buy milled peat in bags (70 L) - profitable.  A homogeneous high-quality product is intended:  1. To change the soil composition.  2. To coordinate the moisture content.  ..

100.00 грн.

Milled peat in big bags (1 M3)

Milled peat in big bags (1 M3) allows you to change the properties of the soil, create the necessary conditions for a particular situation.  Why is it profitable to buy milled peat in big egs (1 M3)?  This packaging is ideal for owners of greenhouses, greenhouses and land.  Peat all..

900.00 грн.

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) In Bags (20 L)

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) In Bags (20 L) with a neutral level of acidity helps enrich the soil with minerals and nutrients.  Buying peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) in bags (20 L) is simple and profitable.  Unique properties make it possible to diversify the use of peat both in pure..

50.00 грн.

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) In Bags (70 L)

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) In Bags (70 L) - a unique gift of nature - neutral peat can improve the characteristics of any soil.  Buy peat for Gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) In Bags (70 L)?  If you like experiments or are engaged in growing seedlings, you should pay attention to the packagin..

110.00 грн.

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) in big bags (1m3)

Peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) in big bags (1m3) is intended for growing seedlings at home, as well as for feeding plants.  Why is it worth buying peat for gardeners (pH 5.7-6.5) in big bags (1m3)?  It contains all the necessary acids and minerals to create the ideal growth envir..

1,200.00 грн.

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