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Broiler Chicken Wing (Middle part)

Broiler chicken wing (middle part) - the most meaty part with one bone inside.  There are many dishes in the composition, which includes chicken or part thereof. Why you must buy a broiler chicken wing (middle part)? The benefits are in the chemical composition of the product.  They ..

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Broiler Chicken Wing (Shoulder part)

Broiler chicken wing (part of the shoulder) - the fleshy part of the wing with the bone inside, separated by the elbow joint.  Prepares very quickly.  Often used for super-fast cooking kebabs. Where you must  buy in Ukraine a broiler chicken wing (part of the shoulder)? In the U..

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Chicken Feet

Chicken  feet - the lower part of the chicken, which is often used to prepare various dishes. What are the benefits of chicken  feet? The unique composition of chicken meat provides the human body with vitamins and trace elements.  Chicken meat is considered a dietary produ..

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Chicken Hen Leg Quarter

Chicken hen leg quarter  is part of the chicken carcass, which consists of a thigh with a leg.  From which you can cook several dishes. Why do you buy chicken hen leg quarter? Chicken meat is the most common meat consumption.  10 grams of chicken meat contains protein and f..

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Chicken Paws

Chicken paws are a valuable part of chicken with many trace elements useful for the human body.  The high content of chondroitin contributes to the rapid concentration in the preparation of aspic.  Often used as pet food. Why you must buy chicken paws  in Ukraine? Chicken is gro..

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Chicken Wing (3-joint)

Chicken Wing (3-Joint) is a popular product.  Suitable for making quick snacks, economy version of the kebab.  Contains the minimum number of calories in boiled form, so doctors advise to use as a dietary product. Why you must buy Chicken Wing (3-Joint)? The product contains collagen..

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