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Groats of avenaceous 25 kg

Groats are avenaceous 25 kg are made out of oat. Contains the enormous amount of antioxidants, phosphorus, calcium, that does, product very useful. Enveloping properties groats avenaceous 25 kg assist normalization in-process digestive system. It is recommended people that watch after the weight. Fr..

8,500.00 грн.

Groats of the buckwheat 25 kg

Groats are buckwheat 25 kg it popular food stuff is made from the seed of buckwheat. Porridge is many useful characteristics and does not lose them even at cooking. Why is it needed to purchase the groats of thebuckwheat 25 kg?Contains  carbohydrates - a 57 g; Squirrel of a 13 g on 100g; i..

12,500.00 грн.

Groats made of fine-ground barley 25kg

Groats made of fine-ground barley 25kg it is the shredded grains of barley of different form. Contains the high amount of cellulose. Before processing grain is purged from admixtures, therefore a consumer gets a quality product. Food value and useful properties of groats made of fine-ground barley o..

8,000.00 грн.

Groats manna 25 kg

Groats are manna 25 kg are made from grains of wheat. Advantage consists of that contains the enormous amount of carbohydrates, and and by an effective energy source. From groats god sends 25 kg prepare sucklings porridges, puddings on desserts, add to dough. At cooking quickly absorbs a liquid and ..

9,500.00 грн.

Groats of corn 25 kg

Groats are corn 25 kg are made out of grains of corn. From grains of large grade make flakes, finely shredded grain for air corn sticks that very love little children. Calorie content of the groats corn 25 kg make a 371 kkal on 100 g of product. Does contain carbohydrates - a 79,6 g, squirrel -..

8,500.00 грн.

Groats of millet 25 kg

Groats are millet 25 kg turn out from a treat millet. The prepared porridge is valued for enormous vitamin composition. Millet champion on maintenance an albumen. Beneficially influences on the cardiovascular system. Porridge is recommended in a dietary feed, as prevents to the lipopexia. Table of c..

5,500.00 грн.

Groats of pearl 25 kg

Groats are pearl 25 kg are made out of barley. Prepares quickly. Almost all composition of groats from starch In the groats of pearl 25 kg are squirrel. She reminds rice groats on a structure. In перловке there is a lysin that assists making of collogen and saves youth of skin. In her also there is ..

7,500.00 грн.

Groats of the wheat 25 kg

Groats are the wheat 25 kg delicious, useful and nourishing. Made from the hard sorts of wheat. Calorie content is 316 kkal on 100 gs of product. Depending on the type of treatment divided into a few kinds: large, middle, shallow, Arnautka, Artek. From the groats of the wheat 25 kg prepare a vi..

12,100.00 грн.

Peas of chopped 25 kg

Peas are chopped 25 kg befit for quick-cooking of different dishes - porridges and soups. Does not require a preliminary soakage. Dishes from the peas of chopped 25 kg turn out delicious and tender. Groats contain much phytalbumin, cellulose and carbohydrates. High maintenance of vitamins of gr..

7,500.00 грн.

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