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Buckwheat flour 1 kg

Buckwheat flour 1 kg is made by chopping buckwheat. Known for its beneficial properties and rich composition of vitamins. It is considered dietary, despite 340 kcal per 100 g of product.Buckwheat flour 1 kg contains: iron, iodine, phosphorus, sulfur and many other trace elements beneficial to our bo..

50,000.00 грн.

Corn flour without gluten 50kg

Corn flour without gluten 50 kg are made from corn grains. It is added as a stiffener and used for baking of flat cakes and bread. It is a low-caloric product In the corn flour  without gluten 50 kg Contain much cellulose and provides an organism antioxidants. Luteinum and zeaxanthin ..

10,000.00 грн.

Flour of chickpeas without gluten 50 kg

Flour of chickpeas without gluten 50 kg very healthy because contains the vitamins of group In, Е, And also zinc, albumen and calcium, is present. From the flour of chickpeas without gluten 50 kg  prepare bread, cookie, flat cakes, pancakes. Use as coating for causing to fall of chops, fis..

10,000.00 грн.

Flour of the corn 50 kg

Flour of the corn 50 kg are used in preparation of baking, including breads. She improves digestion, and also metabolism. There is a calcium, potassium, magnesium and healthy vitamins as В1,В2, В5, В9. Wares from the flour of the corn 50 kg are dietary characteristics and befit for becoming thin. Sh..

8,100.00 грн.

Flour of the rye snagging 50 kg

Flour of the rye snagging 50 kg are made from grains of ржи. There is very useful food stuff on the mineral-vitamin composition. A popular sort of the flour rye snagging 50 kg  is middle grade. Differs in a beautiful cream or light-gray color. Correct technology of grade is ..

5,500.00 грн.

Flour of the wheat of the 1st sort 50 kg

Flour of the wheat of the 1st sort 50 kg are considered universal and high-quality, as it from mixture of wheat of hard and soft sorts. Used for preparation of most dishes is zymic bread, rolls, scalded dough, puddings and other great deal. Why is it needed to buy at the flour of the wheat of the 1s..

7,100.00 грн.

Flour of the wheat of the 2nd sort 50 kg

Flour of the wheat of the 2nd sort 50 kg are made from the soft sorts of wheat. Pleasant by touch. Mostly used for baking of fancy bread, unyeasts dough for bread, cakes, useful cookie. Why is it needed to buy the flour of wheat of the 2nd sort 50 kg?enriched by ascorbic acid for the best getting up..

6,500.00 грн.

Flour of the wheat top grade 10 kg

For making of the flour of wheat top grade 10 kg grains of wheat of top grade are used. Befits for baking of bakegoodss, making of noodle, macaronis. Effective and quickly increases in size together with yeasts. Flour of the wheat top grade 10 kg ultrafine. Fresh, air and fragr..

7,950.00 грн.

Flour of the wheat top grade 50kg

Flour of the wheat top grade 50 kg made exceptionally from the wheat of top grade. Ideally befits for baking of fragrant bread, pastas. Together with yeasts quickly increases in size. Why is it advantageous to buy the flour of wheat top grade 50 kg? impermeable packing, largeness; yo..

7,700.00 грн.

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