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Groats of avenaceous 25 kg

Groats are avenaceous 25 kg are made out of oat. Contains the enormous amount of antioxidants, phosphorus, calcium, that does, product very useful. Enveloping properties groats avenaceous 25 kg assist normalization in-process digestive system. It is recommended people that watch after the weight. Fr..

8,500.00 грн.

Groats of the buckwheat 25 kg

Groats are buckwheat 25 kg it popular food stuff is made from the seed of buckwheat. Porridge is many useful characteristics and does not lose them even at cooking. Why is it needed to purchase the groats of thebuckwheat 25 kg?Contains  carbohydrates - a 57 g; Squirrel of a 13 g on 100g; i..

12,500.00 грн.

Tincture Nemiroff honey pepper 0.7 l of 40%

Nemiroff honey pepper tincture 0.7 l of 40% with a honey-caramel, balsamic aroma. Playfully-light spicy pepper notes relaxed honey taste. Natural ingredients-pure water, alcohol, luxury, drink herbs save the season of colds.Nemiroff honey pepper tincture 0.7 l of 40% is made on the modern ..

125.10 грн.

Vodka Khortуtsya silver cool 0.5 l of 40%

Khortуtsya silver cool  0.5 l of 40% has a natural and saturated taste. A producer used the quality system of clearing. The water used for making of alcohol passes the sevenfold cleaning. Why is it needed to buy vodka of Khortуtsya silver cool 0.5 l of 40%?Easy and refreshing taste of..

89.37 грн.

Vodka Khortуtsya White Gold 0.5 l of 40%

Khortуtsya White Gold 0.5 l of 40% it is an alcoholic beverage of premium-class. Incarnates in itself nobleness of cleanness, brevity and modern style. For creation of the vodka of Khortуtsya White Gold 0.5 l of 40% is used alcohols of the cumin and anise, grown in an ecofriendly clea..

89.37 грн.

Vodka of Khortitsya Classic 0.5 l of 40%

Vodka of bonus quality of Khortitsya is Classic 0.5 l of 40% possesses traditional vodka taste. In the vodka of Khortitsya Classic 0.5 l of 40% the special type of alcohol is used is a "wheat tear, that does an alcoholic beverage a lung and at the same time unforgettable. Features:it is the power va..

89.37 грн.

Vodka of Khortуtsya silver cool 0.2.l of 40%

Khortуtsya silver cool 0.2 l of 40% it is the special strong water that is easily drunk. The water used for making of alcohol passes the sevenfold cleaning. If you like easy and refreshing taste, then Khortуtsya silver cool 0.2 l of 40% exactly,  that it needs to you. The aromati..

35.10 грн.

Achille tendon

Achilles tendon beef - a great treat for dogs.  Very tough and dense, so great for dogs with teething. Where is the best price for Achilles tendon in Ukraine? The official site UKRAINIANPRODUCT.COM offers wholesale Achilles tendon.  We organize delivery to foreign countries - China, ..

0.00 грн.


Aorta beef with a high content of trace elements and amino acids.  Suitable for a change in the diet of dogs, because it helps to improve metabolism.  Contains many vitamins required for normal development of the animal. Where to buy aorta beef? You can buy this product in Ukraine on..

0.00 грн.

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